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The Safest Security Doors in Melbourne

Have you seen those CCTV videos of crooks trying to break through toughened security doors? They bump, they charge, they kick and they punch, only to give up just as the cops roll in. Well, if your home isn’t reinforced and you’re worried about it falling victim to such an attack, or it has already experienced such an attack, then you probably want the safest entrances for your home.

You want the portals that are going to put the crims’ hopes in the gutter. The toughest, sturdiest designs in Melbourne, the kind that won’t relent when some dodgy derro comes around looking to claim what is not rightfully theirs.

We are here to provide such designs with the strongest safety solutions this side of the Murray on-hand to keep the crooks at bay.

What makes our security doors the toughest in Melbourne

There are numerous reasons why Classic makes the strongest safety solutions in the city:

●    Design: We use an enhanced design & manufacture protocol that ensures safety across multiple styles. This includes nylon mesh, stainless mesh and triple lock access for optimal peace of mind.

●    Materials: As aforementioned, our materials are designed to keep the crims standing by the bins. This is because we use super tough materials like stainless steel to ward off any attacks, including from shearing objects like knives. The stronger the material the safer the entrance, and we build with a helluva strong material to keep your home or business safe.

●    Installation: We are the experts in installing these specialised solutions. They are not your everyday entrance, and can use the experts to ensure that it is done safely and effectively. We’ll ensure this happens and to the highest effect.

Call us on (03) 9764 1922 or send us an inquiry message to find out more about our super tough safety solutions. We operate in Berwick, Rowville, Scoresby and beyond, and will be happy to provide you with a quote on our installation service.